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Here is the training website.
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You can now join the exclusive members-only Telegram group.All training is done on the below group so please join it.
Follow the steps below to join the Telegram group.
Step 1. On Apple device go to the app store, on android go to Google play store. Search for the Telegram App.)
Step 2. You need to download and install the Telegram app to your phone/ laptop or tablet.
Step 3. Open telegram on your device & setup your telegram as per the instructions & prompts
Step 4. You need to add me as a contact on Telegram. Alan Solarsh +27764577444
Step 5. Once you have done steps 1 - 4 above, come back to this message & click on the link below to join Telegram.

Training  Group
This group is for the following.1.FAQ for EA2.Bot Training For EA.
New training videos will be posted here.

Testimonials & Chit Chat Group
This group is for1.General chit chat 2.Testimonials
If you want to talk about different bot setups, bitcoin, charts, politics, deposits, withdrawals, fees, etc. please feel free & engage. We all learn this way.

Important announcements
This channel is for important announcements (political & new bot setups) only.
Rule 1 in forex.1.
Protect Capital

If you want to make more passive income you can sell the bots.
You will earn 10% commission for every bot you sell.Commission will be paid when you have sold your 4th EA.
My affiliate income is 20x more than what I earn from my bot trading.
This is an incredible & very quickly way to earn and increase your passive income.
Check the affiliate link in FAQ section on the training web site for instructions. 

Add Friends to this group ONLY
Send the below link to your fiends so they can see the daily, weekly & monthly testimonials.Social proof is the best was to convince people. Them seeing other people making money shows the system works. The more people on the group the more trusted the concept. https://t.me/The_Forex_EA    

Learn to Read A Forex Chart Mentoring Master Class
Learn to trade like a professional.Understand why the price moves.
Read a chart with 80- 85% accuracy.
Trade with confidence.Become self reliant.
No more listening to your emotions or signal providers.
No more account managers.
A Skill worth learning.

New Strategies , Projects & Chit Chat
Exponential growth
General Chit Chat

Managed Hedge Fund Group This EA (EA = automated forex software) makes around 20% per year.
The minimum investment is $5000
FXBlue Independently Audited Results.

No rental fee.
No monthly fees.
100% passive.
Profit split 70/30 (70% to you, 30% to the broker)

Please also send me a Whatsapp or telegram message telling me that you bought the bot. 

Phone + Whatsapp: +27 76 457 7444 
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